Greece: History and Treasures of an Ancient Civilization

Greece: History and Treasures of an Ancient Civilization


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This book offers the thoughtful reader a comprehensive and up-to-date overview- including the most recent historical and archaeological research findings - of the most important roots and cultural wellsprings of the modern Western world. The narrative starts with the birth of the polis - the city - on both conceptual and institutional level. It examines Greek history from the Archaic to the Classical period and Hellenism, culminating with the loss of Greek political identity under Roman rule. Politics, social issues, science, philosophy and the arts provide an ideal gauge for the rich complexity of the Greek historical experience, and the book explores the choices and challenges that these elements offered the ancient Greeks.
The author also considers the role of the effects, borrowings, influences, derivations and intermingling of other cultures in shaping the Greek achievement. The story of this achievement and experience - accompanied by extraordinary photographs - will help readers to understand the magnificent legacy Greek civilization has bestowed upon us. AUTHOR: Stefano Maggi is a professor of classical archaeology at the University of Pavia. He specializes in urban studies and architecture of the ancient world, on which he has published monographs and articles in books, journals, and magazines in Italy and abroad. He is charge of the Interdepartmental Education Research Center of Classical Archaeology and Ancient Technologies at the University of Pavia.
ISBN 9788854408326
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Година на издаване 2014
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