Princesses are Not Quitters

Princesses are Not Quitters


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ISBN : 9780747561118


Three bored Princesses decide they have to do something different. Something that will entertain them and take their minds off their lives of luxury. So they swap places with three servant girls and their minds certainly are taken off their lives of luxury! Work, work, work ...Will it ever end? The three Princesses certainly find out about how to avoid boredom and in so doing also learn a bit about other peoples lives. This is a charming, funny and visually beautiful book that is a sure-fired winner! Praise for "Princesses Are Not Quitters": 'These royal girls don't give up easily; they get a social education and offer - implicitly - a lively motto about he perils of indolence.' - "Observer". 'An enchanting tale.' - "Good Book Guide". 'comical and addictive a message parents can only be grateful for.' - "Sunday Times".
Корици меки
ISBN 9780747561118
Тегло 200
Размер 23.5x30
Abbr 393.027

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