Arabian Design

Arabian Design


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This book shows the progression of Interior Design of the Arabian countries. In contrast to many countries modeled according to the Western traditions, the Arabian culture is closely tied to religious and social values. The current discussion regarding contemporary architecture broaches the subject of the importance of tradition and deals with the Arabian identity. The architects have various viewpoints on the subject: Besides those who represent an international and global architectural language, there are also numerous planners that incorporate historical elements such as arches, domes and columns into their designs and interpret them in a contemporary fashion. Arabian Design presents the projects of renowned offices and young architects and shows the exciting process, in which a new, modern presence is developing out of tradition and ideas for the future are resulting. all projects are listed in alphabetic order of the designers and architects. Plans of the projects are shown as far as available. An index of contact information of the designer and architects is enclosed.
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ISBN 3937718540
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