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Номер : 1700152166 SKU : 276.230
ISBN : 174114826X


'A good designer listens to and learns from their client so they can interpret their brief in the best possible way. A great designer takes all of the client's needs on board and inspires them with a design the client could only dream of.' Since 1967 the Nexus Design's practice has been bound together by a shared philosophy and a passion for design. Living illustrates their philosophy of designing and planning contemporary interior spaces: keep it simple, use natural materials, work with the landscape, mix the old with the new and provide an element of surprise. Living takes you behind the scenes of their design studio - into the decisions, dramas and delights of their practice. The lavish photographs of Nexus interiors are accompanied by the stories of how these particular solutions evolved. Be inspired.
Корици меки
ISBN 174114826X
Тегло 1500
Размер 23x30
Abbr 276.230

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