Place: 35 Designers, 35 Cities

Place: 35 Designers, 35 Cities


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Participating in this audiovisual research project are renowned artists and new talents in the field of design from all around the world, whose goal has been to extract and nourish individual creative energies in the face of dominant culture. These individuals question the degree of influence that one's place of residence exerts on the creative work. Each collaborator was sent a blank travel journal, video camera, and T-shirt, which served as the canvas for their creative outbursts. In an eighteen month journey, two suitcases traveled the globe, completing an around-the-world trip that included stops at 35 different cities and artists. Each participant was invited to think about their context, to look, see, and discover. They then transformed their visions and experiences via the tools and media that we provided: book, video, and t-shirt. Allowed to use the given material in any way, the artists were given few rules and encouraged to interpret, take risks, and improvise.
ISBN 9788495951779
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