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ISBN : 3895082872


Political will, wealth, popular interest, and the growth that has resulted from Vienna` s position at the centre of post-Iron-Curtain Europe, have come together to generate an architectural boom in Vienna. A generation of young architects is being given the chance to build on a scale ranging from installations, shops and schools, to public housing on green-field sites.
Among the architects whose work features in the Vienna guide are Coop Himmelbau, Hermann Czech, Hans Hollein, Adolf Krischanitz, Orther & Orther, Eichinger oder Knechtl, Boris Podreca, Rob Krier, and Gustav Peichl. More than 120 buildings, most dating from 1987 to the present, are described and an introduction provides the political and cultural background necessary to an understanding of the current Viennesse architectural scene.
ISBN 3895082872
Език английски
Година на издаване 1996
Корици меки
Страници 320
Тегло 179
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