The Hidden Man

The Hidden Man


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Mark and Benjamin Keen have not seen their father, Christopher, for 20 years. When he reappears hoping for a reconciliation, he has only begun to shed light on his shadowy past before being killed by an unidentified assailant. His violent death leaves questions unanswered. Was his murder an act of retribution? Had he been silenced for discovering a conspiracy involving Mark? Or had the carefully constructed facade of his past simply collapsed? As the truth unfolds, his sons must face the legacy of their father's life as a spy. This is spy writing at its finest from a young writer quickly establishing himself as a master of the genre. Author Biography Charles Cumming was born in Scotland in 1971. Author of the bestselling thrillers A Spy by Nature and The Hidden Man, The Spanish Game is his third novel.
Корици меки
ISBN 9780140294774
Тегло 250
Размер 13x20
Abbr 240.0226

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