The Wordsworth Dictionary of the Occult

The Wordsworth Dictionary of the Occult


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Брой на страници : 240
Размери : 20x13 mm
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The Occult aims to modify the world and those who live in it by disciplines not recognised by modern science. Its esoteric doctrines and their practitioners have fascinated mankind from earliest times, and The Wordsworth Dictionary of the Occult provides not only essential facts, but much more besides.
It covers the story and the nature of occultism, details the great occult figures of the past - Bacon, Bohme, Hiram, Nostradamus, Paracelsus and Swedenborg, as well as more modern practitioners such as Abellio, Crowley, Gurdjieff and Papus. Examples of occult thought in literature from Balzac to Blake and Dennis Wheatley are given, as well as sections on Esoterism and Reality, Words, Divinations and Supports, and a useful Glossary.
Език английски
Година на издаване 1996
Корици меки
Страници 240
Тегло 166
Размер 20x13

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