Chronicles of the Renaissance

Chronicles of the Renaissance


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Брой на страници : 240
Размери : 36x25 mm
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ISBN : 19044594069


Chronicles of the Renaissance is a highly readable account of the history and culture of the Renaissance from its origins in Italy to its spread through Europe and beyond.
Among the many value-laden terms to describe the past "Renaissance" is perhaps the most powerful, and the most evocative. For the concept of rebirth applied to a civilisation implies both a prior death and a prospective growth; it carries within it both the notion of dependence upon a pagan past and, in accordance with the potent Christian myth, the promise of a better life to come. That the beginnings of the modern world should now be characterised not just as a renaissance - for there had been others - but as the Renaissance, attests to a striking, and perhaps undue, optimism on the part of posterity as to the permanent potential of human society for self-improvement.
Yet this Renaissance is not purely the invention of modern historians, even if the term itself was not used in English until the the early 19th century: Nth- and 15th-century Italians were already alert to changes in their society, and most, especially in their culture, that they were anxious to promote a bringing back to light, or to life, of the values of an earlier age. They themselves believed that something was indeed being reborn.
ISBN 19044594069
Език английски
Година на издаване 2005
Корици твърди
Страници 240
Тегло 2092
Размер 36x25

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