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Номер : 1700151315 SKU : 233.450


In this remarkable book, beadwork from all around the world is illustrated and its history revealed. The result will inspire collectors and designers, and anyone interested in art, craft and fashion.

Following an introduction and in-depth survey of bead manufacturing centres in Europe and Asia, the book is organized into sections, with over 40 topics. Four main regional sections – Africa; the Americas; Asia, Oceania and the Arabian Gulf; and Europe – outline the history and trade routes of beads in each area, with an accompanying map, before examining the beadwork in detail. A fifth section surveys construction and techniques, from brick stitch and herringbone weave to lazy stitch and three-dimensional structures.

• Over 600 illustrations
• Collecting and conserving beadwork,
• Where to see public collections
Корици меки
Тегло 350
Размер 24x28
Abbr 233.450

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