The Art Atlas

The Art Atlas


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This is the first work to treat the art of the whole world from prehistory to the present day through the extensive use of maps. Covering painting, sculpture and architecture as well as other arts and artefacts, this atlas provides an entirely new vision of the history of the worlds art by showing how physical and political geography has shaped its developments. Instead of simply showing where and when great artists lived and worked, or where major styles developed, the Atlas explains why these phenomena occurred. This requires not only giving information on their political, religious, economic and cultural contexts, but on the natural circumstances surrounding their emergence as well. It also means charting the availability of raw materials, such as pigments for colouring. Organized in seven chronological periods and with contributions from 67 internationally-renowned art historians, the "The Art Atlas" is original, comprehensive and up-to-date enough to make it a benchmark reference work for many years to come.
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ISBN 9781856695572
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