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Номер : 1700151187 SKU : 234.0672
ISBN : 9781405360791


Packed with photographs, illustrations and maps of Kenya, this guide explores every facet that makes Kenya dynamic and irresistible; from the spectacular wildlife and breathtaking National Parks, to the lively nightlife and cultural attractions of Nairobi. Features include a comprehensive illustrated guide to Kenya's habitats and wildlife, detailed information on game reserves and safaris and all the best highlights and detailed maps of Kenya's National Parks.

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Kenya provides all the insider tips every visitor to Kenya needs, with dozens of reviews for the best hotels in Kenya for all budgets, recommendations for restaurants and bars in Kenya, tips for shopping in Kenya and all the entertainment, beaches, markets and festivals options listed town by town.

Don't miss a thing on your holiday with the DK Eyewitness Guide to Kenya.
Корици меки
ISBN 9781405360791
Тегло 700
Размер 12.5x21.5
Abbr 234.0672

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