South Africa

South Africa


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ISBN : 9780007200092


A revised edition of this popular map of South Africa highlighting the key tourist features and classified road network against a background of hillshading and attractive layer colouring. Scale 1:2 000 000; 1cm to 20km; 1 inch to 32 miles MAIN FEATURES Detailed physical map with attractive hillshading and layer colouring. Map shows classified road network overlain with key tourist sites, areas of natural beauty and local activity centres as well as cities and towns. AREA OF COVERAGE All of South Africa extending from Botswana and Zimbabwe in the north to Cape of Good Hope in the south. INCLUDES Useful features include detailed city maps of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth, essential travel connections guide and distance chart. A comprehensive place name index to towns, villages and places of interest shown on the map is contained on the reverse of the sheet. WHO THE PRODUCT IS AIMED AT The ideal map for the independent traveller for both planning and using on a trip. Also useful for home and business reference.
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ISBN 9780007200092
Тегло 90
Размер 11.5x25.7
Abbr 235.116

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