The Rough Guide to Czech Republic

The Rough Guide to Czech Republic


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"The Rough Guide to Czech Republic" is the ultimate travel guide, with detailed coverage of all the best attractions the Czech Republic has to offer. You can discover the magnificent art galleries and museums in the Czech Republic, visit one of the Czech Republic's world-class concerts or festivals, view Prague's spectacular architecture on a walking tour, or taste the flavours of Czech cuisine, while exploring all the corners of the enchanting Czech Republic with clear maps and stunning photography.It is fully updated and expanded, with descriptions and recommendations of the best hotels in Czech Republic and the best restaurants and bars throughout the Czech Republic. Whether you're looking for expert tips for exploring the Czech Republic's varied landscapes, an authoritative background on the history of the Czech Republic, or the low-down on the Czech Republic's sensational festivals, "The Rough Guide to Czech Republic" is the definitive guide to this enchanting region. Make the most of your holiday with "The Rough Guide to the Czech Republic"!
ISBN 9781848360365
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