The Rough Guide to Jamaica

The Rough Guide to Jamaica


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"The Rough Guide to Jamaica" is the complete guide to the Caribbeans liveliest island. The full-colour introduction includes the 'Things Not To Miss' section with photographs of the island's highlights from the Bob Marley Museum in bustling Kingston to rafting the Rio Grande. The guide contains detailed and discriminating reviews of the best accommodation, restaurants, bars and cafes - and the latest spots to catch the hottest reggae and dancehall. There is informed coverage of Kingston and the major resorts of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril, as well as the lesser-known beaches in Portland and the south. Expert advice and practical tips are given on everything from where to watch the cliff divers at Negril to finding secluded waterfalls and mineral baths. The Contexts section provides detailed coverage of Jamaica's history and fabulous music scene from Marcus Garvey to Beenie Man.
ISBN 9781843536918
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