First Words / 64 Cards! 10-D201

First Words / 64 Cards! 10-D201


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ISBN : 9812333177


- Every word has been carefully selected from a child's environment so children will be able to recognise, read and talk about the things in the world around them.
- Children will enhance their basic skills in visual perception and classification when they can successfully classify all of the words under the following 8 familiar categories - Myself, Home, Clothes, Toys / Games, Playground, Pet Animals, Supermarket and Action Words.
- Examines children's word recognition skills.
- Each basic word is accompanied with a bright and cheerful illustration!
- Designed and produced to the highest standard, they will catch and hold a child's interest, as well as help understanding.
- Each card is BIG, sturdy and durable so they are ideal for constant use.
ISBN 9812333177
Език английски
Година на издаване 2003
Корици меки
Тегло 350
Размер 0x0

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