Cool cooking. PRET|A|DINER

Cool cooking. PRET|A|DINER


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Star chef, Tim Raue—in collaboration with K&K head chef Kay Schoeneberg—show just how stylish organic dining can be. Serving the fresh taste of nature on a silver platter, these artistic dishes are accompanied by exquisite wines from organic winemakers. Organic food offers so much more in terms of flavor—with nuances of taste not available in the industrialized counterpart. The theme continues through the tableware, where recycled objects combine in a setting of high chic and majestic comfort. This ground-breaking book contains recipes and background information on organic food and food producers throughout Europe. Pure luxury through sustainability…this new way of dining is low impact on the planet and high impact in style and glamour. What's more, it's tried and tested by premium caterer Kofler & Kompanie, founders of PRET|A|DINER, which tracks the latest culinary trends on a biannual basis…

  • Takes organic food to a new level of sophistication
  • An exciting new template for restaurateurs
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