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Turning Back the Clock

Turning Back the Clock


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Наличност : НЕ
Брой на страници : 370
Размери : 20x13 mm
Номер : 1700054320 SKU : 37960
ISBN : 9780099503682


After the Cold War, the 'Hot War' has made its comeback in Afghanistan and Iraq. Exhuming Kipling’s 'Great Game', we have gone back to the clash between Islam and Christianity.
The ghost of the Yellow Peril has been resurrected, the nineteenth-century anti-Darwin debate has been reopened, right-wing governments predominate. It almost seems like history, tired of the big steps forward it has taken in the past two millennia, has gone into reverse.
With his customary sharpness and wit, Eco proposes, not so much that we resume a forward march, but at the very least that we cease marching backwards.

Clever, fluent pieces…a human, sophisticated and wise book
- Sunday Times

Engaging, contrarian thesis…lively, ironic intelligence
- The Times

Another collection of nimble, teasing, brilliant and infuriating little essays and essaylets
- Guardian

Eco’s greatest virtue might be said to lie in his ability to clarify the exact nature of our present perplexities. Eco is, on the whole, lucid, logical and always firmly on the side of civilisation
ISBN 9780099503682
Език английски
Година на издаване 2008
Корици меки
Страници 370
Тегло 270
Размер 20x13

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