The Way the Universe Works

The Way the Universe Works


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This is A 21st century introduction to the science of the cosmos out of this world! How big is the Universe and why is it still growing? How far away are the stars and how exactly was the solar system born? Why is Mars a red planet? Is there life elsewhere in space? Is time travel possible and what happens inside a black hole? If you are looking for answers to those questions and an explanation of the science behind you'll find it here. Authoritative and down-to-earth coverage of astronomy, physics, and cosmology means that you can find out why science matters and why it helps to explain how the Universe works. You can explore and test scientific principles using one of the 50+ hands-on projects from creating your own lunar eclipse to investigating what happens inside a black hole. Linked to the National Curriculum, this book is an ideal supplement to Key Stage 2 Science.
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ISBN 9781405316873
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