Bruegel: History & Techniques of the Great Masters

Bruegel: History & Techniques of the Great Masters


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Наличност : НЕ
Брой на страници : 64
Размери : 29.5x22 mm
Номер : 1700054269 SKU : 120427
ISBN : 0785816364


Anyone who has visited an art gallery will understand the value of being able to look at paintings close up, to see the way the colors have been used and how the paint has been handled. Now you can have your own personal art gallery in this series of books, History & Techniques of the Great Masters.

Each book brings you a selection of ten or more famous paintings, magnificently reproduced in full color and with actual size details so that you can see the way the artist has worked - just as though the paintings were hanging on your own walls. The text analyzes each painting in turn and informative captions tell you exactly which techniques the artist has used to obtain particular effects, what type of canvas and priming was used, and how the colors were chosen, mixed, and applied.
ISBN 0785816364
Език английски
Година на издаване 2003
Корици меки
Страници 64
Тегло 274
Размер 29.5x22

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